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Agency License:  A 9300275   "A licensed and Insured Firm operates by former Law Enforcement Officers: NOT a family business operation" 

Evidence Bureau
 works closely with each of our clients with a personal commitment to accomplish task. We believe that our combined knowledge and experience
will achieve remarkable results for all of our clients.

Operates by former Law Enforcement Officers

Unlike some companies, we won’t take the work if we don’t feel we can help you with your situation. We are bound by our integrity and the excellent reputation we have earn over the last 30 years. We deploy only the best field agents (males and females), then we compliment them by utilizing the latest technologies.

B. MCO (Undisclosed Name*)

VP - Investigation & Security 

B. MCO is a former Special Forces Sergeant (Para Trooper) and undercover Police Officer with a Federal Agency, who received many commendations. He has got extensive training on undercover operations (psychological challenges, Identify difficulties, practice of undercover operations risk management principals). 

B. MCO has also received training in dignitary protection and in conducting investigations. More recently he has received training on the extraction of information from Portable Electronic Devices using state of the art equipment. B. MCO is actually developing and providing investigation solutions for International Governmental Agencies (Law Enforcement & Military) is a licensed Private Investigator and licensed Armed Security Officer in the State of Florida.

B. MCO is an active member of the International Police Association (IPA), and of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

F. NLS (Undisclosed Name*)

CTO - Forensic Expert & Crime Scene Investigation Operation Director:

NLS is a Crime Scene Investigator working for a Major City Police Department in the South Florida area with over 28 years of experience. He has conducted investigations on High Profile major crimes such as Homicides, Police Involved Shootings, and Sexual Batteries

He is also a licensed private investigator with the State of Florida. NLS is also a member of the International Association for Investigations (I.A.I).

P. ETB (Undisclosed Name*)

VP Security & Crises Management Specialist:

P. ETB is a Former Federal Special Agent. Among several duty assignments and training schools, he served with honor and pride in various circumstances. P. ETB's division has been established in Florida 25 years ago.

He has developed a reputation for discretion, effectiveness & efficiency, and have maintained an impeccable record. P. ETB's expertise in anticipating events and crises has allowed its clients to remain secure in a fast changing, and often hostile word. P. ETB Team's members has completed its assignments even in the midst of utter political chaos, when security depends solely on the team one is surrounded with.

P. ETB provides consultation and is an active member with various Civilian, Corporate, Military and Law Enforcement organizations. ETB Team's members methods are proactive, emphasizing avoidance over reaction. His international network of people on location keeps him alert to early indications of trouble, giving us a flexibility in uncertain environments others can only envy.

C. FLA (Undisclosed Name*)
VP - Digital Forensic Department:

C.FLA is Director of Digital Forensics Laboratory, that handles forensic services,  insurance claims processing,  and provides class action litigation support services. He has been heavily involved in computers, networking, and information technology since 1981, working on mainframes to mini-computers to PC's, having built, configured, implemented, and maintained them and managing forensics projects since 2005.

He is a developer of utility Apps for Smart Phones and Tablet Computers as well as an app that provides device owners a method of seeing malware or unintended apps on their device that may be sending out data without their knowledge.

C. FLA is also the founding President of a Digital Crime Investigation Association Chapter and a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) with the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners. Additionally, he is a Certified Computer Crime Scene Technician (CCCT) with the High Technology Crime Institute, and a Certified Forensic Hacking Computer Investigator (CHFI) with the EC Council.    

L. JLY (Undisclosed Name*)

Corporate Paralegal & Certified Investigator Assistant

L. JLY has a 
Master Degree in Law
after she graduated from a Canadian University and a European University in International Criminal Law, European Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law, Private International Law and English Law getting an extensive International legal knowledge.

Due to her extensive professional training and her FL license, L. JLY assist investigators during particular investigation and/or surveillance tasks: being very discrete and acting with a very "low profile" in any circumstances, the probability of success increases since "Subjects" (males or females) are less likely to become suspicious of her presence during assignments.

L. JLY is also specialized in Internet Searches, Social Media
 and in Data Analysis in order to draft comprehensive diagrams to clearly present a case and all ramifications.   

(*) Name and background will be disclosed upon client request during the introduction meeting.

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