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Information available from these databases is not available to the general public. The generated dossiers contain sensitive and private information.

Background Check Options

These extensive Background Checks are often used to locate people.

The amount of information included on a background check depends to a large degree on the sensitive nature of the reason for which it is conducted. Any individual can be located.

You may be hire us, for numerous reasons, such as: locating individuals for legal purposes, debt collection, or repossession matters, etc. We can be locate people who have moved recently, or who have hastily or secretly fled without giving notice, absconders, illegal aliens or those with warrants; we also locate missing persons or heirs, find next of kin or long lost relatives, friends or loved ones; we locate life insurance beneficiaries, people to whom property and/or money is owned; we can act as process servers in legal matters, such as divorce, civil litigation, accidents, bankruptcies, etc., ensuring individuals are served properly in an efficient and timely manner. We also perform any number of records searches such as criminal records, sexual offender searches, property and business ownership, phone number searches, vehicle ownership, driver's licenses, employment screening, etc.

As Private Investigators, we can expertly execute these searches, first of all, because we have access to dedicated databases not available to the general public and, also because we are especially trained to perform data analysis and cross-examination

Our background checks will always thoroughly show the detailed work of our investigators. And more importantly, we won't just give you the data, but we will include pertinent analyses throughout the report and insightful conclusions than you will otherwise never find in basic public records or in generic background check websites which mostly only give you information which is outdated or incorrect and without the analytical evaluation you need to be able to separate fact from fiction. 

We will always conduct, personalized and individualized background checks, in order to satisfy your needs.

Background Check

  • Employment screening
  • deBt collection
  • accidents
  • divorce
  • civil litigation
  • repossession
  • Due Diligence
  • sexual offender searches
  • phone number searches
  • locate missing persons or heirs
  • locate life insurance beneficiaries
  • locate people to whom property and/or money is owned
  • Locate a long lost relative, frienDs or loved ones

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federal and state laws and regulations require that anyone requesting a background report regarding a third party must have a permissible and legitimate reason for doing so. 

Consumer Credit Protection:

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Title 15 U. S. Code Section 1681

State's Department of Motor Vehicles:

Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) Title 18 U.S. Code Section 2721

Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information:

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Title 15 U.S. Code Section 6801

Laws and Regulations


Professional Databases

Most investigation require additional verification to confirm information and/or identification.

They are conducted to confirm information. These Background Checks are often used by employers as a means of objectively evaluating a candidate's qualifications, character, fitness for duty, and/or to identify potential hiring risks for safety reasons. Background Checks can ensure safety for employers and prevent problems in the workplace.

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Professional Databases and Social Media Investigation


Professional Databases, Public Records and Social Media Cross-Examination on Subject and first degree relatives

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