These extensive Background Checks are often used to locate people.

​​Today, the handling and processing of data in all types of storage device (i.e.: email, document, text message, social media activity, Internet activity, logs, timestamp…) could be crucial evidence for the prosecution and/or the defense in a majority of lawsuits, both civil or criminal.

EVIDENCE BUREAU assist a large scale of client, from individuals to international companies, to fight against computers fraud, digital espionage, identity theft, etc. Our staff members are certified examiners and active members of the International High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

Certifications used:

  • ​ENCE: EnCase® Computer Forensics courses
  • UFED: Cellbrite® Certified (Cellphone/Smartphone/Tablet/GPS devices) Examiner
  • CCE: Certified Computer Examiner with International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners
  • CCST: Certified Computer Crime Scene Technician
  • CHFI: Certified Forensic Hacking Computer Investigator with the EC Council
  • INTELLA: Electronic Document Search by Vound Software
  • (non exhaustive list)

EVIDENCE BUREAU can draw on an array of advanced methods and equipment in our lab for discovering and recovering data from computer systems and cellphones. We will recover deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information, or with CCTV video, en-hance or "clean up" unviewable, pixelated, or unclear images.

If you have a case or a situation you are unsure of, please contact us. One if our examiners will talk honestly with you about whether or not computer or cell phone forensics may by helpful.

Digital Forensic Services

all kind of digital devices

Our team has developed advanced solutions dedicated to Law Enforcement & Governmental Agencies as a unique Digital Forensic Mobile Laboratory (pending patent).

This Laboratory was introduced and tested during several International Exhibitions reserved to Governmental Institutions (in the United States, Canada, South America & Europe) and used by Federal Agencies.

Don't hesitate to contact us for information about this solution.

Electronic discovery or "e-discovery" is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information in response to a request for production in a law suit (civil or criminal legal case) or investigation, with the intent of using it as evidence.

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Computer Forensics or cyberforensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to recover evidentiary data on computers, storage devices. 

​Many types of devices now store potential evidence that can be revealed by Computer Forensics Examiners. All of this potential data evidence may be sought in a range of crimes or computer misure, including but not limited to: theft of trade secrets; theft of or destruction of intelectual property or company property; executive malfeasance; bankruptcy; sexual harrassment; child pornography; Human Resource / employment Cases; fraud; embezzlement; divorce; etc.


Professional Databases


Professional Databases, Public Records and Social Media Cross-Examination on Subject and first degree relatives

certified examiners

Law Enforcement and Governmental Agency solutions



Computer Forensics

Most investigation require additional verification to confirm information and/or identification.

cyberstalking investigations

Examination, Discovery and Recovery

Private Investigators and Security Agency

internet fishing / scam 
  • Insurance claims processing
  • ​class action litigation
  • support services firm with worlwide experience
  • computer forensics
  • cellphone forensics
  • cellphones / smartphones / GPS device analysis and debugging
  • CCTV video Forensics
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