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Three easy steps to fit your needs and to simplify the process: 

Contact Us
   1. Contact Us 

    We will listen to your concern and explain how we can help, providing valuable guidance and consultation services.

 Meeting or Conference Call- Meeting (or Conf-Call)

  Based on your need, we will do our best to present different options before going through every stage of the   assignment.

Investigations_Surveillance    2. Investigations / Surveillance

Our team will use all legal options and tools to obtain your complete satisfaction, trying to get you an immediate result. 

Tailored Follow-Up - Tailored Follow-Up (upon request): 

  our team will provide time to time "preliminary situation reports" and we can even offer a
  24/7 Geo-localisation of the investigator (depending on the case) during his/her operations. 

Detailed Report   3. - Detailed Report

Evidence Bureau provides outstanding and comprehensive investigation or surveillance reports. As an example, during a surveillance operation, you will get all details showing the vigilance of our devoted team including pictures (or video) and Geo-localization details (on Google Map™) . 

Illustrated Report (photo and/or video)

  We make them accessible for the client just as if he was there!

Immediate Assistance

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