Evidence Bureau experimented investigators will find the truth to what occurred when an officer is accused of misconduct resulting on a false arrest.

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As a business owner of a Pawn Shop or a Massage Store (or Massage Parlor / Massage Parlour), it’s your responsibility to do everything within your means to limit risk of employees wrong doing.  

Beside the risk of losing your professional license, the biggest concern is to face criminal charges because your employees are not following your establishment rules and/or the law. 

There is a way to prevent such issues and to protect your right.    

To help the business owner to protect his business, our team of State Licensed Investigators is dedicate to provide you with guidelines and a program to manage such risk.    

We will conduct weekly or monthly survey at your establishment in order to provide you with a detailed report signed by a State Licensed Investigator.    

First, this will inform you about your employees practice.

Then, those documents would be used by your attorney if you have to defend yourself against inaccurate charges in order to prove that you are conducting due diligence to prevent illegal activity inside your business.

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